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Pursuing Compensation For Your Injuries

If you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, you are sure to have questions. Can you receive compensation for your damages? How will your medical bills be paid? The attorneys at Henderson Law Group have over 60 years of combined injury law experience. We can answer your questions and assist you through this often traumatic experience. We know how to handle insurance companies and how to help you obtain a fair and equitable settlement of your injury claim. Some of our clients have obtained recoveries in excess of $1 million.

Call Us If You Have Been Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents aren’t limited to car collisions. Motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are especially vulnerable on the road. Or you may be involved in an accident with a truck or other industrial vehicle. Whatever type of accident causes your injury, here are helpful steps you can take to assist with your claim for damages against the party who hit you:

  • Call the police: It is always helpful to have the police come to the scene of a collision to determine liability.
  • Take photographs: ‍A photograph preserves valuable evidence. At the scene of a collision – if you are physically able – grab the most available camera and take photographs of the vehicle damage of all vehicles involved, including the party who hit you. If have bruises or other visible bodily damage, take photographs.
  • Seek early medical attention: Have your injuries documented and evaluated as soon as possible by an emergency room provider or your primary care doctor.
  • Use caution when speaking to an insurance company, including your own: If you must make a statement to an insurance company – including your own – use caution. Insurance companies are not on “your side.”
  • Contact an attorney: An experienced attorney can protect you from unscrupulous insurance companies’ tactics and can help you obtain appropriate compensation for your claim. Insurance companies often try to get victims to accept “lowball” offers of settlement without explaining the risks. Frequently following treatment, medical costs need to be paid or reimbursed. If you accept their offer without help, you might have to pay back more than you received under the settlement.

Dog Bites Are Serious

Most dog owners are responsible and keep their dogs leashed when in public and safely confined at home. However, some dog owners lack or lose control over their pets and visitors or people out walking may be injured by an aggressive dog. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to compensation. Call us at 360-464-2980 to evaluate your case.

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Contact an attorney to discuss your case. Only an attorney will be able to discuss your case with you in confidence and take steps to protect your claim.

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